Force Gurkha 2021 to Be Revealed on 15th September 2021

Force Gurkha 2021 reveal on 15th September 2021
Force Gurkha 2021 reveal on 15th September 2021

On 15th September 2021, Force Motors is going to reveal its new debut model, Gurkha. We saw it at the previous year’s Auto Expo. The company has released some of the features in its teasers to build up the excitement in the market. So, let’s dig deep into what has been revealed.

What do we know as of now – New Force Gurkha 2021

Enhanced Exterior:

This new debuting model features an upright and boxy look. As the safety regulations have been updated, so to meet that the chassis has also been improved and enhanced. It has also got some styling upgrades as compared to the outgoing model. New Force Gurkha has received a new revised grille, new LED headlamps and DRLs, larger rear windows, and a new and enhanced bumper. It has also got a wider rear windshield. Just like the previous model, it will come with the 4x4x4 batch worn and fitted with a snorkel.

Better Interior:

Force Gurkha 2021 interior
Force Gurkha 2021 interior

The rear side features front-facing captain seats. Earlier there used to be side-facing bench seats in the previous model. So, there’s a big difference in the interior from the earlier model. It also has a dual-tone theme in the interior as seen in the Auto Expo. But if we see the teasers, a matte-black finished theme is seen so it is not clear will there be options to choose among them or not. Two jump seats are also there in the rear. But if it’s a standard fit or not, we’ll get to know when the production-spec model is revealed. 

A few more upgraded features…

  1. Rear passengers get individual armrests
  2. A touchscreen infotainment system
  3. Better air conditioning and rear wipers
  4. Several customization options will also be there to attract buyers.

What performance can we expect from the new Force Gurkha 2021?

The previous model was powered with a 2.2-liter diesel engine and 140hp. But it will not be returning now. The new Gurkha model will feature a 2.6-liter diesel engine producing 90hp of power and 260Nm of torque. These engine specs are BS6 norms compliant. 

The suspension of the new Gurkha is expected to be just like the previous model. It comes with the rear rigid-axle arrangement, independent double-wishbones up five-links and front, and all four corners getting coil springs. Similarly, locking front and rear differentials will also be there being a four-wheel-drive just like before. 

Rivals of the new Force Gurkha

The biggest rival of the new Force Gurkha will be the Mahindra Thar 2nd Gen. model. 

Force Gurkha has got some great creature comfort upgrades. It makes it suitable for lifestyle buyers as well. The main purpose stays to be an off-roader. Let’s see how appealing the market finds it when it launches. 

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