Two-Wheeler Sales in May 2024: Bikes and Scooter Sales Decline!

Bike Scooter Two-Wheeler Sales in May 2024
Bike Scooter Two-Wheeler Sales in May 2024

Two-wheeler sales in May 2024 are out and there seems to be a decline in the number of bikes and scooters being sold in the country. Is it the heat that is affecting the sales? Or is it the electric two-wheeler companies that are affecting the market? Let’s find out.

Company-wise sales in May 2024

Let’s take a look at the company-wise sales in May 2024 and compare it with April 2024 as well as the same month last year.

Hero Motocorp Sales in May 2024: 4,98,123

Hero Motocorp still stands at the top of the chart with 4,98,123 units being sold in May 2024. That is a decline of 2.93% as compared to April 2024 when the company sold 5,13,296 units. However, when compared to May 2023, Hero Motocorp has seen an increase of 1.79% in sales numbers. The number of units sold in May 2023 was 4,89,336. Hero has launched a new variant of its most selling bike Splendor called the Splendor XTEC 2.0. The company also plans to expand it’s portfolio in the scooter market as well as the entry-level bike market.

Honda Two-Wheeler Sales in May 2024: 4,50,589

Honda is just a few numbers behind Hero Motocorp with sales of 4,50,589 units in May 2024. That’s a tumble down of 6.33% from April 2024. In April 2024, Honda sold 4,81,046 units. But, when compared to May 2023, the Japanese automaker reported a gain of 44.81%! In May 2023, Honda sold 3,11,144 units. Honda has recently launched the entry-level Shine 100 which the company aims to target the mass commuter market with.

TVS Motors Sales in 2024: 3,59,590

TVS Motors has done well in terms of sales as the company reported an increase of 19.28% when compared to April 2024. In May 2024, TVS Motors has sold 3,59,590 units and in April 2024, the number was 3,01,449. As compared to May 2023, TVS has increased the sales by 42.30%. In May 2023, TVS Motors sold 2,52,690 units only. That is a good sign for the company as it gears up to grab the mid-level market in India.

Bajaj Auto Sales in 2024: 1,88,340

Bajaj has seen a sharp decline of 13.18% in May 2024 sales when compared to April 2024. In May 2024, Bajaj Auto has sold 1,88,340 units while this number was 2,16,950 units in April 2024. As compared to May 2023, Bajaj has seen a decline of 3.32% when it sold 1,94,811 units. Bajaj is planning to launch a line of CNG bikes, first to be in India. It also has some other bikes in the pipeline. Will the company be able to revive it’s sales and claim a better spot in the sales volume? Only time can tell.

Suzuki Sales in 2024: 1,11,512

Suzuki has been gradually growing this year and May 2024 has also been a growth month for the company. In May 2024, Suzuki has sold 1,11,512 units as compared to 88,067 units in April 2024, a 26.62% increase. As compared to May 2023, Suzuki has increased it’s sales by 81.49%! In May 2023, Suzuki sold 61,442 units.

Royal Enfield Sales in 2024: 63,531

Royal Enfield is another automaker in the list after Bajaj which has reported decline when compared to April 2024 as well as May 2023. In May 2024, Royal Enfield has sold 63,531 units, which is 10.26% down when compared to May 2023 and 15.33% down when compared to April 2024. In April 2024, RE sold 75,038 units while in May 2023, 70,795 units were sold.

Company May 2024 May 2023 Change April 2024 Change
Hero Motocorp 4,98,123 4,89,336 1.79% 5,13,296 -2.95%
Honda 4,50,589 3,11,144 44.81% 4,81,046 -6.33%
TVS Motors 3,59,590 2,52,690 42.30% 3,01,449 19.28%
Bajaj Auto 1,88,340 1,94,811 -3.32% 2,16,950 -13.18%
Suzuki 1,11,512 61,442 81.49% 88,067 26.62%
Royal Enfield 63,531 70,795 -10.26% 75,038 -15.33%
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