Ford Mustang Mach E to Launch in India Soon, Official!

Ford Mustang Mach E To Launch In India Soon
Ford Mustang Mach E To Launch In India Soon

Everyone knows that Ford is closing its Indian production units and is winding it up. Along with that, the company also announced that it will be launching Ford Mustang Mach-E in the Indian markets soon. 

Ford will bring the Mustang Mach E through the CBU (Completely Built-Up) route. The announcement on the same day directly related to showing off the company’s intent to continue Indian operations but via imported high-end models only. The re-launch of Mustang GT could also be seen alongside Mach-E. 

Ford Mustang Mach E
Ford Mustang Mach E

“The intent is to bring products that are going to be differentiated and we believe to start with the Mustang family of products, which the Mustang coupe and the Mach-E, would help us separate from the marketplace and deliver that sustainable, profitable business.” Anurag Mehrotra, MD, Ford India.

What do we know so far about Ford Mustang Mach-E?

  • Debuted globally in 2019.
  • Rear or all-wheel-drive configurations.
  • The base rear-wheel-drive model produces 270hp of power and the variants range up to 487hp. 
  • 68kWh battery variant can provide a range of up to 370km while 88kWh battery provides up to 491 km of range. But the range can vary as per the different configurations. 

We are not sure about the variant that will launch in India. We’ll have to wait for Ford’s further announcement in the meanwhile.

Ford Focusing on the EV Segment

The Indian market might also see other models from Ford soon. The company is trying to focus on the futuristic approach and introduce electric and modern models in the country from the global portfolio. 

Ford revealed that two new EV platforms are under development as announced earlier this year. The target is to make them ready by 2030 and enhance the EV global portfolio. The global alliance of Volkswagen and the group’s MEB platform will be seen developing the different EV variants together. The company is also working on the sub-Mustang Mach-E crossover as per the reports. 

Focusing on a Small Group of Prospective Clients

As Ford will only be keeping high-end models for the country, it will be having a smaller number of sales. So, it might focus on some specific cities and that too metro ones. The company will have to form a fresh operational strategy and business model to be on the high-end players’ list. Ford is a global brand and can surely upscale itself in the country. It is yet to be seen if it will go for the distributor or corporate sales supply chain to continue operating in India. 

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