Why Aftermarket CNG Kits Are Not Allowed In BS6 Cars?

    Why aftermarket CNG is not allowed in BS6 cars
    Why aftermarket CNG is not allowed in BS6 cars

    Retrofitted CNG or as it’s commonly known the aftermarket CNG kits are not allowed in BS6 vehicles. Aftermarket CNGs might be the cheaper option but they are certainly not the safest and with the new changes to BS6 they are not environmentally friendly either. Below are three main reasons why aftermarket CNG kits are not allowed in BS6 cars. 

    Aftermarket CNG
    Aftermarket CNG

    It requires an advanced catalyst that can only be found in factory-fitted units 

    Those that are familiar with the BS6 know that engines under the new norm use catalytic converters. These converters are only available in the factory fitted units. Getting a retrofitted CNG kit on a BS6 engine effectively means that you are running a BS4 engine. The entire point of the BS6 norm was to reduce emissions from a car as much as possible in order to not harm the environment. 


    Reduces Engine Life

    Most people know that CNG doesn’t actually reduce engine life which is correct. Well, why the bait headline then? It’s because if a CNG kit is not fitted correctly it will eat your engine from inside out real quick. As such companies ask you to get factory fitted CNG if you are planning on a CNG vehicle as they have more experienced people and tools and the margin of error is really low compared to an aftermarket CNG. 

    Aftermarket CNG Is Not Safe

    The International Road Federation (IRF) has urged the government with valid points to have strict monitoring for the retrofitting of CNG kits. They stated that fitting CNG in a car that was not meant to be one is not safe. They also said that the CNG kits offered in aftermarket shops are not approved and certified. Retro fitment also adds extra weight that is not accounted for when testing brakes and can cause failure. It also reduces a cars safety rating severely. 

    Even though they are cheap they are still not worth putting yourself at risk. Not allowing BS6 cars to use aftermarket CNG kits is a step in the right direction but the government also needs to set out rules and regulations that the retrofitting places can follow in order to not lose their business. What do you think? Should the government allow the retro fitment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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