6 Tata Cars On Discounts For September 2021: Up To Rs. 70,000 Off!

Tata cars discounts September 2021
Tata cars discounts September 2021

If you are planning to buy a Tata car anytime soon, you will be welcomed by some pretty good discounts. We all love discounts, right? So, here’s the list of the Tata cars that are available at discounts in September 2021. So, let’s dive into it fast.

Tata Cars with discounts
Tata Cars with discounts
  1. Tata Tiago

    There’s a great discount offer on Tata Tiago. Buyers can claim a cash discount of ₹20,000/-, an Exchange Bonus of ₹15,000/-, and a Corporate Discount as well of ₹3,000/- This model is among the highest discounted ones on the list. After the discounts, it is very much appealing to the buyers.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹4.99 Lakhs

  2. Tata Tigor

    Tata Tigor is the 3rd highest discounted car on the list. The buyers can get an exchange bonus of up to ₹20,000/-, cash discount of ₹20,000/- and a corporate discount of ₹3,000/- totaling to ₹43000/- which is amazing.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹5.59 Lakhs

  3. Tata Nexon Petrol

    Tata Nexon is one of the most attractive cars out there in terms of looks and features. So, people looking to buy it soon will get a big smile after hearing the discounts in other variants than petrol. Sadly, petrol variant buyers can only receive a corporate discount of ₹3000/- and nothing besides that.
    Ex-Showroom Price: ₹8.81 Lakhs

  4. Tata Nexon Diesel

    Moving on to the Nexon diesel variant, it gets a better discount offering than the petrol variant. The buyers can claim ₹5,000/- of corporate discount and ₹15,000/- of exchange bonus totaling the discounts to ₹20,000/- which is a decent offer.
    Ex-Showroom Price: ₹8.59 Lakhs

  5. Tata Nexon EV XZ+

    Tata has provided some decent discounts on its electric variants of Nexon. It gets an exchange bonus of ₹10,000/- and no other offer is provided on it.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹15.65 Lakhs

  6. Tata Nexon EV LUX

    It gets a better discount offer than XZ+ i.e. ₹15,000/- on an exchange bonus. But the EV models of Nexon get more attractive as the buyers will also get the FAME II subsidy.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹16.85 Lakhs

  7. Tata Harrier Dark & Camo Edition

    Harrier is among the best SUVs out there and famous as well for obvious reasons. Tata is providing ₹40,000/- on exchange bonus and ₹5,000/- of corporate bonus. It is the one to get the 2nd highest discount on this list.
    Ex Showroom Price (Dark): ₹18.37 Lakhs
    Ex Showroom Price (Camo): ₹17.24 Lakhs

  8. Tata Harrier (Except Dark & Camo Edition)

    The highest discounted vehicle in this list is this model. The buyers can claim a massive total discount of ₹70,000/-. The cash discount is available of ₹25,000/-, corporate discount of ₹5,000/-, and an exchange bonus of ₹40,000/-.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹14.39 Lakhs

  9. Tata Safari

    Tata Safari gets only a ₹25,000/- of exchange bonus and no other discount besides that. Let’s see how its sales perform in September 2021 competing with other discounted models.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹14.99 Lakhs

  10. Tata Altroz

    The buyers can claim a ₹15,000/- cash discount which is decent enough but not that much appealing to increase the model’s sales.
    Ex Showroom Price: ₹7.04 Lakhs

Car Model Cash Discount Exchange Bonus Corporate Discount Total Benefits
Tiago ₹20,000/- ₹15,000/- ₹3000/- ₹38,000/-
Tigor ₹20,000/- ₹20,000/- ₹3000/- ₹43,000/-
Nexon Petrol ₹3000/- ₹3000/-
Nexon Diesel ₹15,000/- ₹5000/- ₹20,000/-
Nexon EV XZ+ ₹10,000/- ₹10,000/-
Nexon EV LUX 15,000/- ₹15,000/-
Harrier Dark & Camo Edition ₹40,000/- ₹5000/- ₹45,000/-
Harrier (Except Dark & Camo Edition) ₹25,000/- ₹40,000/- ₹5000/- ₹70,000/-
Safari ₹25,000/- ₹25,000/-
Altroz ₹15,000/- ₹15,000/-

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