Tata Tigor EV To Launch Soon, To Be Based On Ziptron Technology

Tata Tigor EV Coming Soon
Tata Tigor EV Coming Soon

Tata is set to introduce its new line of models in the EV segment expanding its portfolio of EVs. The new line will introduce the Tata Tigor EV. The models of the new line will be based on Tata’s own Ziptron EV powertrain. Recently, the company teased the new Tigor line with a video showing the car in the camouflage theme. 

Tata Tigor EV: Updates to Expect

Tata Tigor EV to be based on Ziptron Tech
Tata Tigor EV to be based on Ziptron Tech

The company recently launched a new model for fleet buyers i.e. the EV model The Xpres-T which is a Tigor facelift model. This model carries a 21.5 kWh battery pack and is powered with Electra 72V architecture. The pre-facelift Tata Tigor EV model also used the same architecture and battery. But it was available only for private buyers just like Xpres-T.

The Ziptron EV powertrain that debuted with Nexon EV will be used in the new Tigor EV as well. A permanent magnet synchronous electric motor is used in the advanced high voltage Ziptron architecture of 300V+. This one is performing a lot better than the motor used in Xpres-T.

The company earlier stated that the new Ziptron vehicles will be able to have 250km of range. So, we can expect the Tata Tigor EV to have it around that number only. On the other hand, Xpres-T only goes up to 213km of range.

Fast charging will also be available in the new model as the new Ziptron technology makes it possible. If using a fast charger in a Nexon EV, the car can charge from 0% to 80% in just 60 minutes which on the other hand takes about 7 to 8 hours when using regular home charging. So, by this, we can expect similar specs in the charging side as of Nexon EV and better than the Xpres-T. Tigor EV might also feature regenerative braking just like Nexon EV.

Let’s Talk About Updates in Interior and Exterior

The company’s vision for the ideal target market is different for both Tata Tigor EV and Xpres-T. So, it is highly expected that the company will try to make them look different in terms of features and style for product differentiation. 

As per the teaser video, projector headlamps with LED DRLs can be seen on the front bumper. On the other hand, Xpres-T features the old halogen lamps. Tigor EV’s alloy wheels also show the amazing electric blue accent. We can expect a wider range of color options in Tata Tigor EV as Xpres-T only comes in white. The new Tigor EV also has an enclosed grille which is an update as compared to the regular Tigor.

Talking about the interior, the new Tigor EV will surely have greater features than the Xpres-T. The touchscreen infotainment system is expected in the new model that on the other hand is missing in The Xpres-T and only features an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. To match the blue accent on the wheels, the interior might also have some blue highlights in the interior as well.

Expected Price

We can see the price of the Tata Tigor EV below than the Nexon EV which costs from ₹13.99 Lakhs – ₹16.85 Lakhs and above the ICE-powered Tigor that costs ₹7.82 Lakhs for the top model. So, we can see the price of the new Tigor EV start from around ₹9.5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs.

If this happens, it will be very competitive pricing and will be the most affordable EV available in India. The company is already way ahead of the competitors in the EV market in India and introducing this new model can boost up the market share if it succeeds. 

To diversify the fuel options in the compact sedan portfolio, the company may also launch the CNG version of Tigor soon.

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