RE Continental GT And Hero Xtreme 160R Electric Bikes By Saietta Group

RE Continental GT And Hero Xtreme 160R Electric Bikes
RE Continental GT And Hero Xtreme 160R Electric Bikes

Saietta Group is a UK-based innovator that has developed its own Axial Flux Technology (AFT) e-motors that are highly efficient and easy to produce in the masses. Saietta has tested this technology among a wide variety of two-wheeled vehicles. They have recently tried it on the Hero Xtreme 160 R and Royal Enfield Continental GT and converted them into electric bikes.

AFT Motor by Saietta for Electric Bikes

Saietta has partnered with Padmini VNA in March this year which is an Indian Tier-1 supplier. This partnership will allow Saietta to tap the Indian market and innovate the two-wheeler vehicles with their intelligence. Several top OEMs are Padmini’s clients so that will benefit Saietta to enter the Indian market. Some of Padmini’s clients are Royal Enfield, TVS Motor Company, Hero MotoCorp, and Bajaj Auto. 

Saietta has claimed that their AFT technology is highly efficient when used in two-wheeler vehicles and is also lightweight as well. As per company claims, this technology can be easily integrated into several e-mobility vehicles because of its compact form. This can change the two-wheeler industry completely.

Just like most of the EV manufacturer’s goals, Saietta focuses on reducing air pollution and cutting carbon emissions. These motors are more commercially and technically feasible in order to implement on a larger scale.  

Lightweight vehicles focused on zero-emission can easily be combined with these motors. These vehicles may include motorcycles, micro-cars, scooters, and rickshaws.

Testing of AFT

Currently, two variants of AFT motors are available i.e. AFT 140 and AFT 110. These motors produce zero tailpipe emission and are cost-effective while providing superb efficiency. 

RE Continental GT Electric
RE Continental GT Electric

Saietta gave Royal Enfield Continental GT the high-powered AFT 140 motor of 52-volts. The company says that the model worked perfectly with the bike and gave great results. An electric brake replaced the defunct clutch lever in this electric bike. This helps in regenerating power to recharge the onboard battery pack while driving the bike. Wicher Kist, CEO of Saietta Group states “It’s extremely intuitive and very fun to use,”.

Hero Xtreme 160R Electric
Hero Xtreme 160R Electric

Saietta used AFT 110, a lower version model on the 160cc Hero Xtreme. AFT 110 motor has 48 volts of power. 

Wicher Kist further adds:

  • Swappable battery is the key innovation.
  • These can promote electrification.
  • Swappable batteries are enjoyable and feasible.

Saietta Targeting Asian EV OEMs

More than the efforts to develop electric vehicles, manufacturers are finding ways to make them accessible to the masses. The reach to the masses is only possible when the cost of EVs will compete with the fuel vehicles. This is only possible if the battery systems and electric propulsion systems are affordable for the manufacturer. 

Currently, people will only prefer fuel bikes more than electric bikes for obvious reasons. This shift and the requirement for innovation are highly required for the high air pollution-producing countries. 

In developing economies, millions of people use two, three, or four-wheeled vehicles i.e. majority of the people. The production and development of viable electric motors have to be increased as per Saietta’s research to tap these countries. Providing the same or more power than fuel vehicles at a cheaper price tag is one way of achieving this goal. It is very easy and feasible to make a shift to electric bikes as Saietta has already developed AFT motors for small engine vehicles. 

A simple water-cooling system keeps Saietta’s AFT motors cool. This helps the motors to sustain the high torque and power while being compatible and lightweight. 

The biggest reveal is that Saietta has planned automatic production units. These will help them to tap economies of scale faster and lower down the cost benefitting everyone. This will make electric bikes and other similar vehicles affordable for people while not compromising on performance.

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