5 Traffic Rules To Follow While Driving A Two-Wheeler

Traffic Rules To Follow While Driving Two-Wheeler
Traffic Rules To Follow While Driving Two-Wheeler

Driving a two-wheeler is an escape from the hectic world for many. For many though, it is a daily means of personal transportation. Whatever be the case, one should always follow traffic rules that have been set for our safety only. Basic rules such as wearing a helmet are what everyone is aware of. Let’s explore 5 of the most overlooked traffic rules in India while driving a two-wheeler.

  1. Do not wear a ‘chappal’ or a ‘sandal’ while driving a two-wheeler

    This is a common sight in India as people going nearby don’t prefer wearing shoes or boots. Chappals or Sandals are easy to go. But many of you might not be aware that this can attract a challan of ₹1,000. Not only that, it poses a danger to the rider as these footwears tend to slip which can lead to an accident.

  2. Pillion rider should also wear a helmet

    We all know that wearing a helmet while driving is compulsory and people do take it seriously, though not always. But you should know that wearing a helmet is equally necessary for the pillion rider too. Do note that not obeying this law will not only attract hefty fines but also pose threat to the rider.

  3. Mobile phone usage is allowed

    One can use a mobile phone while driving. That might sound strange but yes, it is allowed. But there’s a catch. You can only use a mobile phone for navigation purposes. Using it for any other purpose such as calling, texting, etc. will attract a hefty amount of fine or challan.

  4. Blocking way for emergency vehicles

    Though this law is not restricted to two-wheeler, it is one of the major traffic rules that one should follow. Blocking the way of an emergency vehicle will attract a challan and even suspension of your driving license. Do note that in doing so, you might be putting someone’s life in danger. So make sure to give way for emergency vehicles, always!

  5. Driving after disqualification

    If your license has been suspended and you are not allowed to drive, do not drive. This will attract a fine of ₹10,000 or more and the traffic police will seize your vehicle. If you have got your license disqualified or suspended, wait for the time period or choose the legal way to get it back.

So, these are the traffic rules you need to follow every time you go on a ride on your two-wheeler. Do note that you may be going for a short ride, but even a 100-meter ride can become your last if you don’t follow the proper traffic rules. Stay safe, and enjoy riding. Also, do let me know some instances when you were fined by the traffic police for such rules.

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