Auto Expo 2022: 16th Auto Expo Postponed Due To Covid-19 – SIAM

Auto Expo 2022 Postponed
Auto Expo 2022 Postponed

Auto Expo is India’s leading automobile show. If not for the COVID-19 situation, we would have witnessed Auto Expo in February 2022. One important reason for the postponement is that there are possible chances of the third wave of the pandemic. So, the management doesn’t want to take risks under that. 

We were able to witness Auto Expo back in February 2020. Auto Expo is a biannual event that takes place every two years.

What the Society of Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) Director Stated?

Rajesh Menon, SIAM’s Director General stated the following:

  • The risk of spread of infection is extremely high in a B2C (Business To Consumer) show like Auto Expo. A large number of people visit Auto Expo which makes maintaining social distancing difficult.
  • This is the reason behind postponing Auto Expo 2022 show for now.
  • SIAM has not finalized the exact dates for the show. The body will decide the date later this year after analyzing the COVID-19 situation.

The body wants to take utmost precautions so everything will be taken care of. The alignment of the schedule will also be made with Global Auto Show’s OICA Calendar. 

Safety of all the Stakeholders is Concerned

Menon also stated that the visitors, exhibitors, and all the other stakeholder’s safety is the utmost priority. SIAM will announce the final date after proper consideration of safety and convenience.

He further stated that the unpredictability of the COVID situation makes it dangerous to hold the show. Due to this, it may require a lead time of about a year considering how COVID develops in the meantime.

Menon added in the statement that the organization wants people to attend the event without any fear of infection. Auto Expo is all about a festival of celebrations in the automobile industry and wants to welcome maximum no. of people.

Stats About Auto Expo 2020

Upcoming Volkswagen Taigun at the Auto Expo 2020
Upcoming Volkswagen Taigun at the Auto Expo 2020

About 6 Lakh visitors attended the Auto Expo 2020. There are a multitude of fans of Auto Expo in India and internationally as well. There were about 70 unveils and launches during the Auto Expo 2020. About 108 exhibitors displayed a total of 352 products during the show. The Auto Expo also behold 35 EVs during the show owing to the eco-friendly and smart car trend going on.

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