5 Cars With Weird Names: Sometimes, There’s A Lot In A Name!

Cars With Weird Names
Cars With Weird Names

Naming a car is really a tough job, especially when you cater to a global audience. For eg, there was a car named Skoda Laura which was sold in India. I already see weird accents while you read that! Now, that being said, there is a carmaker in the USA which goes by the name LUND International, which designs and manufactures automotive accessories for vehicles. Well, without discussing everything, in the beginning, let’s unfold things in a more elaborative way. Here are 5 cars with weird names!

  1. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

    Is there a difference? | cars with weird names
    Is there a difference?

    Let’s try to figure out how the day when the car was named went. Maruti Suzuki’s team is happy with the product, the mini SUV that is ready to get into the market. Everyone’s tired, so they order strong ESpresso coffee from Cafe Coffee Day! Voila, we have a name (Copy my homework, but change it so that it doesn’t look copied). And that’s how the car got its name! What’s in a name? No coffee beans for sure!

  2. Lund International Car

    Cars With Weird Names
    Cars With Weird Names

    Now that is not a car. But due to some weird play, Google trends show people searching about Lund Car! Now, I don’t know why, but it does put a smile on my face. To clarify your fantasies, there is no such thing called Lund Car, it’s an automotive company in the USA that is into designing and manufacturing automotive accessories. The company, if plans to come to India, would be glad to see people calling each other by their company’s name!

  3. Skoda Laura

    Skoda To People Did I Stutter!
    Skoda To People: Did I Stutter! | Cars with weird names

    The Czech carmaker entered India with the Octavia. The first generation of Skoda Octavia was doing great in the market. So, when Skoda decided to launch the second generation of Octavia in India, they decided to name it something else. And it was LAURA! I don’t know, whether this was a well-planned move or something known as no f**** were given that day. Whatever that is, there are many people who still ride Skoda Laura, and jokes apart, it was a really good car to RIDE!

  4. Maruti Suzuki Stingray

    People To Maruti Why is this car named Stingray | cars with weird names
    People To Maruti Why is this car named Stingray

    Another fruitful day at Maruti Suzuki. The sun is shining and below it is the all-new WagonR with a new body kit and graphics (That’s it!). What should it be named? WagonR sounds to household, well, let’s name it Stingray! Does it sting? No! Does it look like a StingRay? No! Does it have any element that is inspired by Stingray? No, man, can’t you see! Well, then why the name? 

  5. Hyundai Kona

    Now, Kona in India is a term used for edge. Does this mean, this car is edgy? Well, I’ll let you be the judge for that. Let us know in the comments section below. Hyundai Kona is sold in India in its electric avatar. EDGY!

So, these are 5 cars that have weird names, according to us. If you know such cars with such weird names, let us know in the comments section below. I hope you like the meme references, and if not, take the next right to the exit!


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