Driving License In India; Everything You Need To Know

    How to apply for a driving licence in India?
    How to apply for a driving licence in India?

    We all know that you need a driving license to drive legally on the roads. The process to get a driving license however might get a little bit hairy sometimes. Keep reading to know how you can apply for a driving license in India.

    Remember that you cannot apply for a driving license unless you have had a learners license for at least 30 days. You also need to apply for a permanent license before 6 months from the date of issue of the learner’s license.

    There are two different ways of applying for a driving license either online or offline. Irrespective of the method you would still need to physically be present in the RTO assigned to give the test for it. Before we explain how to apply you’ll need to know the documents that are necessary for the driving license. 

    While applying for a driving license, you need age proof and proof of either permanent address or current address. 

    Documents required for a Driving Licence
    Documents required for a Driving Licence

    Age Proof

    The following documents can be used as age proof. Note that you only need one of these.

    • PAN card
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Aadhar 
    • 10th Class Marksheet

    Proof Of Residence(Permanent)

    Similar to the age of proof you only need one of these.

    • Passport
    • Aadhar card
    • Electricity Bill
    • LIC bond
    • Voter ID Card
    • Ration Card

    Proof Of Residence (Current)

    • Rent agreement and electricity bill
    • Rent agreement and LPG bill.

    Miscellaneous documents 

    • 6 passport-sized photos in case of a learners license.
    • 1 passport-sized photo for permanent driving license. 
    • Medical certificate (Form 1A and 1) which can be issued by government doctors.

    With the documents that are necessary for the application let’s go into how you’ll get the application itself. 

    Where to apply?
    Where to apply?

    How To Apply For A Driving License Online?

    • Visit the Parivahan website and click on the Drivers/Learners license column.
    • This will redirect you to a new website where you would need to select your city.
    • After putting down your city you’ll have multiple choice available.
    • Select learner license if you don’t have one else select driving license.
    • Fill the form with appropriate details.
    • Pay the fees necessary for the form
    • Upload the documents mentioned above.
    • Upload photo and signature (scanned and a clear picture taken with a camera works)
    • If you perform the e-KYC then you can skip booking the slot and go straight to the learner’s license test or permanent license test. 

    How To Apply For A Driving License Offline?

    • Fill form 4 which can be either downloaded from the Saarthi website or can be procured from an RTO.
    • Fill the form and provide photocopies of the documents that you would attach for proof, keep originals in hand just in case.
    • Book a slot for the test and pay the necessary fees.

    Note that some driving schools offer help to apply for a driving license. 

    Driving Test For License
    Driving Test For License

    What Happens In The Driving Test?

    The learner’s license driving test involves a multiple choice question test. These questions are very basic that almost everyone knows about. Things such as what hand sign to use and what road symbols mean. 

    For the permanent driving license test, things are not as easy. 

    • Test changes depending on what vehicle you are applying the license for.
    • There will be a track in your RTO and the test will require you to manoeuvre the said track.
    • An official will note how you manoeuvre the track ensuring you use hand signs and if you are using the rear mirrors or not.
    • Note that you will be marked for smooth driving and will lose marks for driving too fast or taking sharp turns.
    • Remember to always put seat belts on the moment you step into the car as you might be marked negative for it.
    • If you applied for a 2-wheeler license you’ll need to drive on a track shaped like a number 8 and not touch your foot on the ground while doing so.
    • You will be marked for using hand signals and turn signals so ensure you do so.
    How to get my driving license renewed in India
    How to get my driving license renewed in India

    How To Renew Your Driving License

    If you need to renew your driving license after its expiry, follow the steps listed below.

    • Fill the application form no. 9
    • Two recent passport size photographs
    • Your original driving license
    • Self-attested copies of the documents mentioned above. (self-attested means your own signature on the photocopy of the document)
    • Form No 1 and Form No 1A(in case of 40 years or above).
    What if I lose my Driving License
    What if I lose my Driving License

    How To Reapply For a Lost Driving License

    If you want to reapply for a driving license in India after losing your first one follow these steps.

    • Go to the police station that covers the jurisdiction in which you think the license might have been lost.
    • Lodge a complaint and get copies of the FIR.
    • Visit a nearby notary office and get an affidavit on a stamped paper. 

    That about covers all the important information needed for applying and renewing a driving license in India. We hope this article helped you and stay safe on the road. 

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