Bajaj Fighter Name Trademarked: Upcoming Bajaj CNG Bike?

Bajaj Fighter Name Trademarked, Bajaj CNG Bike name?
Bajaj Fighter Name Trademarked, Bajaj CNG Bike name?

Bajaj is trying to be the first in the industry to launch CNG bikes in India. The Bajaj CNG Bike is scheduled to launch on 18th June 2024. Bajaj has filed for a trademark under the name of Bajaj Fighter. Could it be the name for the entry-level CNG bike we might see soon? Bajaj had trademarked the name Bruzer, which might be more suited to an ADV bike.

Bajaj CNG Bike: Everything We Know So Far

  • We can expect the Bajaj CNG bike to have a 110cc or 125cc engine in a commuter bike setup.
  • Experts are saying that we might be able to save up to 50% on our fuel costs.
  • The expected price for the Bajaj CNG bike is around ₹70,000 to ₹80,000 putting it in the lines of Hero Splendor, Honda Shine 100, etc.
  • We can also expect a mileage of up to 100kms/kg from this CNG bike.

Why CNG in Two-Wheelers Can Help?

India is on the road to achieving a zero carbon footprint by 2070. While electric vehicles are a good option, they pose some drawbacks such as low range, high charging time, etc. On the other hand, CNG is already being used in four-wheelers. If two-wheelers also adopt CNG, it can help reduce our carbon footprint to a greater extent as two-wheelers in India consume more petrol than the four-wheelers.

Bajaj is planning to launch 5-6 CNG bikes, possibly posing a subbrand such as Pulsar for the bikes. Bajaj has registered multiple names in the past such as Bomber, Zinger, Freedom, Trekker, Marathon, Glider, etc. These names could also be used for the CNG range. Well, the launch is not so far and we’ll know more about the upcoming CNG bike in the coming days. What are your thoughts about a CNG bike? Should more automakers dwell on launching CNG bikes? Will you prefer a CNG bike over an electric or petrol variant? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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