Sedans Sales Report For July 2021: Maruti Suzuki Dzire Still Top-Selling!

Sedans Sales Report For July 2021
Sedans Sales Report For July 2021

All the companies manufacturing the sedan segment have released the sales report for July 2021. So, we’ll analyze the sales report for sedans in the month of July. It is worth noting that the effect of COVID on the auto sector has started to decline and sales have started picking up slowly.

Top-Selling Sedan – Sedans July Sales Report

Anyone can tell the top-selling sedan without even looking at the sales report of sedans in July. It is so obvious as Maruti Dzire has been winning hearts for the past several years while leading this list. The Dzire is a perfect sedan for every age group providing all the required features, it is compact, good-looking, and a lot more. It reported a total sales of 10,470 units which is more than double the 2nd best-selling sedan in July i.e. Hyundai Aura reporting 4034 units.

Hyundai Aura is gaining some attention as well as it is also one of the coolest looking sedans out there with a very affordable price tag and a modern design. It offers CNG as a fuel option as well while having petrol and diesel variants both.

Car Model Units Sold
Maruti Dzire 10,470
Hyundai Aura 4034
Honda City 3627
Hyundai Verna 1827
Tata Tigor 1636
Maruti Ciaz 1450
Honda Amaze 1134
Skoda Rapid 793
Skoda Superb 246
Skoda Octavia 219

What about the 3rd and 4th Place?

Talking about the 3rd and 4th place, it is taken by Honda City and Hyundai Verna. These two are always competing healthily with each other. But still, City (3627 units) takes a lead from Verna (1827 units) by selling almost double the units. But both these sedans provide a luxury comfort so they deserve this place considering the price tag they come with.

Tata Tigor and Maruti Ciaz reported slightly close statistics as 1636 units of Tigor were sold while Ciaz reported 1450 units. These two models offer a different set of features and are for different age groups so the comparison is not possible between them. But, the price can be a factor in Tigor reporting more sales than Ciaz as it’s an affordable sedan.

Honda Amaze at the 7th position reported 1134 units of sales. We can say that this number is fair for this sedan as it is focused on salaried professionals and businessmen of 25-40 years of age. Also, this age group is currently not changing cars as COVID has disrupted the businesses.

Skoda bags 3 positions in top 10 selling sedans in India!

Skoda India's 3 sedans in top 10
Skoda India’s 3 sedans in top 10

If you see closely, the last three positions i.e. 8th, 9th, and 10th all have been captured by Skoda. Skoda Rapid is at the 8th spot reporting 793 units, while Skoda Superb (246 units) is at 9th position and Skoda Octavia (219 units) is at the 10th position. All these three are pretty cool models so they deserved to be there in the top-selling sedans July sales report. Skoda Rapid is an affordable sedan so it could’ve captured a bigger position. While Superb and Octavia are two sedans on the expensive side and provide top-specs, it is appreciable that they managed to get into the top-10 with this price tag.

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