Maruti Suzuki Says No to Swift RS for India?

Swift Sports
Swift Sports

India’s very own car manufacturer Maruti has just launched the latest iteration of the swift hatchback, With its launch the 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift has already been under fire for its mediocre build quality and less impressive designs. However, it was reported by some leading media houses that Maruti was working towards introducing an RS variant of the recently launched swift in order to clam the enraged public.
But it seems that this plan has already been flushed.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 CNG
Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024

While speaking to a leading media house, Maruti’s Sales and Marketing Head, Partho Banerjee confirmed, that there not be any swift sports or swift RS on sale in India.

What is the difference between a normal swift and a Swift Sport/RS?

Well, jusut to make things clear for beginner, the swift hatchback has already had a faster variant sold overseas. Although, Maruti did try and introduce an RS variant of the Baleno, which had 1.0L boosterjet engine which now comes with the fronx. But due to the market dominance of the Volkswagen Polo, It did not do to well. Thus this led Maruti to discontinue its RS range in India.

Baleno RS
Baleno Rs

Now coming back to the topic, As we had already iterated that the Maruti swift has always had a sportier variant sold overseas. The thrid-gen variant came with a 140hp, 1.4L turbo petrol engine, supported by a 48V mild-hybrid tech. Moreover, last year the previous gen swift sport was ailso spotted testing on Indian roads, However, it was later revealed that it was being tested for New Zealand markets.

Should Maruti consider launching the swift sports/Rs in India?

Well, now that their biggest competitor, The Volkswagen Polo, has left the battle field, It could turn out to be an ideal opportunity for Maruti to re-introduce the sports and the RS version of the Swift and the Baleno.

Moreover, commenting on the same Banarjee also said “The Swift is [Already] very sporty When you experience it, I don’t think you’ll ask for a turbo.” Thus ruling out the possibility of introducing an RS variant.

Did you know that Maruti is already planning to introduce a CNG variant for the 2024 Swift Facelift? Click here to know more.


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