Hyundai & Kia Cross Maruti Suzuki In Terms Of SUV Sales!

SUV Sales April 2021
SUV Sales April 2021

SUVs have been growing in terms of popularity in India. It has become one of the most sought segments in the market. Be it the compact SUVs, sub-compact SUVs or the fully-grown ones, the segment is full of options from carmakers. Let’s see how well did SUV segment perform in the April sales report.

When we take a look at the April 2021 report of SUV sales, Maruti Suzuki is still on the top with 24,578 units of SUVs (Except Eeco and Ertiga). Hyundai is 753 units shy with 23,825 on the chart. Mahindra, a brand that is known for SUVs, stood at 3rd position with 18,020 SUVs being sold in the month of April 2021. Kia Motors stood at 4th position with 16,111 units of SUVs sold. Tata Motors stands at 5th position with 10,164 units of SUVs being sold.

What is with Hyundai & Kia Crossing Maruti Suzuki in SUV sales?

When we combine the overall sales of Kia and Hyundai, it tallies to 39,936 units. It is significantly higher than the 24,578 units of Maruti Suzuki.  In terms of market share, Maruti Suzuki captures 21.54% of the SUV market while the South Korean together hold 35% of the same. Mahindra has a share of 15.79% while Tata grabs 8.91% of it.

What’s the future for the SUV segment?

Maruti Suzuki is planning to expand its portfolio in the SUV segment. This includes the 5-door Jimny and a mid-size SUV which is being developed with Toyota. Hyundai is all set to launch the Alcazar soon. Tata is working on the HBX while Mahindra has XUV700 and Scorpio 2021 lined up.

Company April 2021 Sales Market Share
Maruti Suzuki 24,578 21.54%
Hyundai 23,825 20.88%
Mahindra 18,020 15.79%
Kia 16,111 14.12%
Tata Motors 10,164 8.91%

Source: ICN


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