Ather 450 Plus To Cost Rs. 24,000 Less In Maharashtra Now

Ather 450 Plus gets cheaper in Maharashtra
Ather 450 Plus gets cheaper in Maharashtra

Ather Energy, an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer announced that its Ather 450 Plus scooter’s price has been slashed massively. Now, the buyers will have to pay about 20% less than earlier to buy the scooter. The price is now reduced to around ₹24,000/-. 

This move will surely help the country to make a faster shift towards electric vehicles and reduce its carbon footprint. 

What does Ather’s co-founder and CEO have to say?

Tarun Mehta is the co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy. He tweeted that “EV subsidies finally are going live in Maharashtra. Price of 450+ come down by ~24K and is now priced at 1.03L in the state.”

Price of Ather 450 Plus in Maharashtra
Price of Ather 450 Plus in Maharashtra

After this price slash, the Ather 450+ is available in Maharashtra at the lowest pricing in the whole country. The co-founder and CEO stated that it is very competitive pricing. It will give a tough competition to several 125cc scooters as it costs less than them. 

This is good news for the company and the state as well. The state will start seeing faster adoption of electric vehicles which will motivate other states also. 

Previous Pricing of Ather 450+ and 450X?

The buyers had to pay ₹1.22 Lakhs (ex-showroom) for Ather 450+ and ₹1.41 Lakhs (ex-showroom) for Ather 450X earlier. This pricing was in Maharashtra after deducting the revised FAME II subsidy.

On the other hand, ₹1.28 Lakhs (ex-showroom) is the price of Ather 450+ and ₹1.47 Lakhs (ex-showroom) for Ather 450X. This price is in Delhi after considering the FAME II subsidy and the addition of GST. It doesn’t include the state’s EV subsidy. 

Are Ather 450 Plus and 450 X scooters now a good buy? 

Even if the prices of Ather scooters are slashed in Maharashtra, they still are not the cheapest available electric scooters in the market. There are cheaper alternatives available to Ather scooters. 

One of the biggest rivals Ola Electric S1 costs ₹94,999/- (ex-showroom) after considering the FAME II and the state’s EV subsidy. It is a better alternative for most people as S1 is a simple scooter and is suitable for any age group. It will be interesting to see if the new Ather pricing gives neck-to-neck competition to Ola S1 or not. 

Some sources claim that Ather’s new scooter is in the works and will launch by 2023. It might cost under Rupees one lakh to compete with Ola Electric S1 and other rivals as well.

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