Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | A New Hot Hatch?

Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Hyundai has revealed the first car to get their N Line treatment. The popular hatchback, Hyundai i20 is now being offered in the N Line series and we can expect more products to come in the future. Now, the i20 has gotten all the special treatment, can we say that it will be the new hot hatch instead of the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI? Let’s take a look at a detailed comparison of the Hyundai i20 N Line vs the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI.

Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | Performance Comparison

Performance comparison
Performance comparison

Volkswagen Polo has been a choice of enthusiasts for a very long time, or we can safely say, since its inception. Being a budget powerful hatchback, Poo has been ideal for the ones who want something extra, every time. On the other hand, the Hyundai i20 has been one of the most popular hatchbacks in India and is now in its 3rd generation. Let’s see what both of the hatchbacks have to offer. 

Specifications Hyundai i20 N Line Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
Engine 1.0-litre Turbo GDi Petrol 1.0-litre TSI
Power 120ps@6,000rpm 110ps@5,000-5,500rpm
Torque 172Nm@1,500-4,000rpm 175Nm@1,750-4,000rpm
Transmission 7-speed DCT / 6-speed iMT 6-speed Manual / Automatic
0-100kmph 9.9 seconds 10.79 seconds
Fuel Mileage 20.25kmpl 18.2kmpl

Well, that’s interesting! i20 N Line gets more power than the Polo TSI while a slightly less torque. One of the major points to note here is that the i20 N Line has no clutch at all. You get the latest iMT or the DCT, both of which don’t require a clutch. On the other hand, you do get the old school manual in the Polo TSI. But, one of the major missings in the Polo is the DSG as the company decided to replace it with a torque converter. 

Hyundai has the upper hand in terms of 0 to 100 kmph, as the i20 N Line does it in under 10 seconds while Polo TSI takes a bit longer than that. Hyundai claims that the i20 N Line will offer a mileage of 20.25kmpl, a factor that a lot of Indians consider while buying a car, even though it is meant for sheer performance. 

Volkswagen Polo might be losing the race to the i20 here but when it comes to refinement, we all are well aware of the refinement that Polo has to offer with the 3-cylinder mill. Hyundai’s 3-cylinder engine is also very refined but when it comes to the best, Polo takes the lead. 

It is a no-brainer, but still! Which hatchback looks better?

Volkswagen introduced Polo back in 2010 in India. We still get the same-looking 5th generation while the world enjoys the sixth generation of the hot hatch. Thorough, there’s a saying, why fix when it ain’t, broke, but c’mon Volkwagen, why not upgrade the Polo already. On the other hand, Hyundai has been aggressive when it comes to upgrading the i20 and we have already seen the first generation, the second generation elite i20, and now the third generation. 

Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | Which hatchback has got the better looks?
Which hatchback has got the better looks?

Although not much has changed in terms of the overall design, the Hyundai i20 now gets a new front grille with a checkered flag pattern and N Line badging. It also gets projector headlamps, one of the best-looking 16-inch alloys, red accents all around, sporty tailgate, and dark chrome treatment at some places. One of the major missings will be the 17-inch alloy wheels which would have made the i20 N Line look more sporty. The i20 N Line also gets red calipers for the disc brakes. You also get various color options such as:

  • Single-tone: Blue, Fiery Red, Titan Grey, and Polar White
  • Dual-tone: Thunder Blue with Phantom Black roof and Fiery Red with Phantom Black roof

Now, looking at the Volkswagen Polo, you get the same timeless design that still does the job well. You don’t get red accents or a distinctive grille, but still, Volkswagen Polo can be called one of the nicest-looking hatches of all time. 

Now with all the N Line treatment, people will surely incline more towards the i20, but there will still be a chunk of enthusiasts that know, the power lies in the simplicity, or maybe not. 

Safety features comparison | Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Features Comparison
Features Comparison

Hyundai has surely loaded the i20 N Line with safety features. While the Volkswagen Polo has a 4-star rating at the Global NCAP, the i20 is yet to be tested. The previous generation scored a 4-star rating. You do get confidence while braking with the i20 N Line as it gets disc brakes at both ends. It also gets a lot more safety features than the Polo GT TSI.

We won’t be comparing the comfort and convenience features as we all know how good Hyundai is when it comes to offering such features. Volkswagen Polo, on the other hand, is still an old hatch with not much new going inside in terms of features. 

Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | Which of the two hatchbacks is worth buying?

Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | Verdict! Which hatch is worth buying?
Hyundai i20 N Line vs Volkswagen Polo GT TSI | Verdict! Which hatch is worth buying?

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI comes at a cost of ₹9,99,900 while we are still waiting for the pricing of the Hyundai i20 N Line. The 1.0-liter GDi variant with the iMT transmission of the normal i20 comes at a cost of ₹10,06,800. We can expect the N Line to cost around ₹1,00,000 more than this making it a costlier affair than the Polo GT TSI. But with all the features and better performance on books, it might be a better choice. 

It would have been great if Hyundai introduced some major changes to the powertrain, wheels, and suspension of the i20 N Line to actually make it live up to the name of the N Series. But, for now, we’ll have to settle for a more cosmetically upgraded and slightly performance-oriented i20. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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