Is This India’s Most Haunted Rolls Royce?

Haunted Rolls Royce silver Shadow
Haunted Rolls Royce silver Shadow

Over time, you might have heard about houses/palaces, or jungles being haunted by ghosts. But have you ever heard of a car being haunted? Well, it is true, Let us introduce you to India’s first haunted car which also happens to be a pretty unique vintage Rolls-Royce. With time there have been many stories attached to throycxe is car on how this pretty-looking vintage beast became cursed and haunted. So without wasting any more time, let’s unravel the mystery and stories behind this haunted Rolls Royce which is located in Ayesha Villa in Khandala.

Haunted Rolls Royce silver Shadow
Haunted Rolls Royce silver Shadow

Story 1

So this version starts with a family who lived in Ayesha villa during the British era. One odd night, the entire family was murdered while a 17-year-old girl named Ayesha was brutally sodomised and then killed. Since then, all the village locals have complained of hearing strange noises and seeing ghostly apparitions within the house of all the deceased family members.

Some also believe that Ayesha’s family still haunts the Ayesha villa, and thus the site was declared a haunted place and the car being part of the house was included in this as well. However, the locals also say that whoever lived in the villa after the first streak of murders also dies under very mysterious circumstances, and because of this they now too have joined the gang of ghosts at Ayesha villa.

Story 2

This version starts with a wealthy Christian couple who used to reside in the villa and had a daughter named Ayesha. One night, their house was attacked and obviously, the couple was murdered. However, this version does not clarify what happened to Ayesha, was she killed or was she the killer?

Nevertheless, the Rolls Royce is still parked in the family’s garage and is considered haunted.

What Really Happened?

Okay, so let’s start with the basics, the car is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow which happens to have been produced between 1965 and 1980. This also kinda debunks the fact that this car is from the British era.

Nevertheless, this so-called Haunted Rolls Royce happens to an actor as well and was featured in the 2004 Bollywood flick “Lakeer”. So, this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow belonged to a very healthy Parsi family. The kids of the owner have now settled abroad and they haven’t returned or even visited India in a while due to this the car has been left abandoned in the Ayesha villa, which also happened to be theirs.

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