This Maruti Suzuki 800 Has Lambo Doors?

Maruti Suzuki 800 Modified
Maruti Suzuki 800 Modified

The car modification culture has been on a long for a long, but with time, this culture has seen some amazing and some over-the-top modifications. To continue the modification legacy, another car enthusiast has recently modified his Maruti Suzuki 800 by installing Lamborghini Aventador-inspired scissor doors. But that’s not all, we also get to see extended fenders, a sunroof, and brand-new music system and a ton of other features giving this old-school hatchback a completely new look and life.

The review video of this hatchback was posted by a Mihir Galat who is famously known as MasterButter to some. Mihir gives a very detailed walkaround of the car explaining each and every detail of the modified Maruti Suzuki 800. The presenter starts the video by introducing the owner of the car who happens to be from shimla. Post the introduction he starts with listing down the modifications of the car:

  • This Maruti 800 has an high powered LED projector bulb setup which enhances the throw of light on the road.
  • The presenter also mentions that the owner has kept the front bonnet and rear bumper entact.
  • He then focuses his attention on the large circular opening for the filter, he then opens the hood of the car and reveals all the modifications done to the mechanical elements of the the Maruti Suzuki 800.
  • He begins by saying that the car has a genuine K&N filter installed which adds about 10% power to the hatchbacks 800cc engine.
  • According to the owner, the car makes around 40-41 bhp, Moreover, he also adds that the strut brace has also been modified to help with the lateral stability of the car.
  • We also get to see 13-inch gloss black alloy wheels, which also happen to be 1-inch bigger that the stock wheels.
  • Following this, both the presenter and the host sit inside the car to list down the modifications done to the interior. The feature list includes sparco racing seats, OMP aftermarket steering wheel, Sparcoo gear knob, metal pads, Oval four-way speakers, bass tube and sony speakers on the front.
  • Moreover, this Maruti Suzuki 800 also gets a fully removable sunroof.
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