goEgoNetwork Installs World’s Highest EV Charging Station

goEgo installs world's highest EV charging station in Kaza Spiti Valley
goEgo installs world's highest EV charging station in Kaza Spiti Valley

goEgoNetwork is a company that specializes in charging infrastructure. It took the initiative of installing the world’s highest EV charging station at Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh Itis at 3,800m above from sea level. The chargers installed there are Dual Socket Type 2 and Bharat AC. 

goEgoNetwork Collaboration with TVS Motors

goEgoNetwork chose two TVS iQubes for a ride from Manali to Kaza on September 21. This date is celebrated as World Zero-Emission Day. This collaboration made headlines and did a good promotional job for both companies.

Manali-Kaza Trip and the EV charging station

goEgo installs world's highest EV charging station
World’s highest EV charging Station

Manali-Kaza route is one of the most famous biking routes in India. It passes over the Kunzum-La pass. It surely would be an adventurous ride to see how these EVs perform at high altitude levels. 

Maanvi Rawlley had his doubts regarding how these electric scooters will perform at such tough terrains, temperatures, levels, and other conditional factors. On the contrary, both the scooters performed well beyond expectations. TVS iQube was able to complete the journey without any problems at all. 

Having an EV able to achieve this feat will surely boost the confidence of people seeking to buy an EV. People can rely on such EVs that can withstand such factors. And with an EV charging station at such a remote place, we can bid farewell to our range anxiety.

This is the best part about EVs. It relies on electricity, which, unlike CNG, can reach even the most remote areas of our country. I believe that such initiatives can help boost EV adoption. Although people say that most of the electricity comes from thermal power plants which have a similar impact on the environment. We can switch to other sources of electricity such as renewable sources.

What goEgoNetwork has to say?

The company aims to give confidence to people that they can go long distances with EVs seamlessly and without any hesitation. With this initiative, goEgoNetwork plans to install charging stations throughout the country and make it easier for people to go eco-friendly and anxiety-free. You will find this charging station at Hotel Dayzor at Kaza and it is completely ready to charge EVs.

Will EV charging infrastructure problem be solved by such initiatives? What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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