TVS Raider 125 Vs Honda SP125: The Wicked Vs The Advanced!

TVS Raider 125 vs Honda SP125
TVS Raider 125 vs Honda SP125

TVS Motors is known for the entry-level sports bike in the sub-200cc segment. Till a while ago, TVS had a missing piece as there was no 125cc bike from the Indian automaker. But, now, things are different as TVS has launched a 125cc motorcycle named Raider 125. It will rival the Honda SP125. Let’s take a look at how does the TVS Raider 125 shines vs the Honda SP125 in the battle of 125cc bikes in India.

TVS Raider 125 vs Honda SP125 | Which one is a better performer?

TVS Raider 125

Honda SP125

124.8cc Air and Oil Cooled

123.94 Air-cooled











5.9 seconds

~7 seconds

Maximum Speed



It is clear from the above table that TVS Raider 125 offers slightly better performance. Oen point that is worth noting here is that the Raider has an oil-cooled engine while the Honda SP125 has an air-cooled one only. This might not seem to be a huge difference due to the small 125cc engines but can make a real difference in city traffic where you’ll experience less heat from the engine of TVS Raider 125. The SP125 weighs around 117kgs while the Raider weighs around 123kgs making it slightly heavier than the former. TVS claims that Raider 125 has the best in class acceleration with 0 to 60kmph in just 5.9 seconds. The Indian automaker also claims a 67kmpl mileage on the Raider 125 while Honda SP125 has a mileage of around 60kmpl.

TVS Raider Performance
TVS Raider Performance

In the performance part, TVS Raider 125 seems to be taking the lead ahead of the Honda SP125. It will surely attract the youth who want a bike for daily commute as well as capable enough for entry-level sports riding. You’ll also be getting the segment’s first driving modes: ECO and POWER in the Raider 125, which SP 125, like all the other 125cc bikes, misses.

125cc bike battle | Tires, Wheels, and Brakes

While you get a good engine on both bikes, the real deal comes in with the tires and brakes that actually let you keep control over the bike. The front tires of TVS Raider 125 are 80/100 17inch while you get 80/100 18inch on the Honda SP125. When you head to the rear, you get wider tires at the Raider which are 100/90 17-inch. The SP125 offers the same tire at the rear like that of the front. You get a roto petal 240mm disc brake with the Raider and 240mm disc brake with SP125 too. In the lower variants of both the bikes, you’ll get 130mm drum brakes at the front. At the rear, both bikes offer 130mm drum brakes across the variants.

TVS Raider Launched At Rs 77,500
TVS Raider Launched At Rs 77,500

You are going to get a similar setup on both the bikes but the TVS Raider 125 with a wider tire at the rear will make a slightly better bike to handle.

TVS Raider 125 vs Honda SP 125 | Seating, Ride Quality and Comfort

Now, this is where you’ll see a major difference. TVS Raider 125 offers you a more upright seating position which makes it a sportier one out of the two. Raider 125 gets a split seat setup while the SP125 offers a single seat option only. You will get telescopic suspension at the front of both the bikes but at the rear, SP125 offers a dual-hydraulic 5-step adjustable suspension as to the mono-shock 5-step adjustable at the Raider. Mono-shock suspensions offer better ride quality and control over the bike while adding to the sportier looks. You also get a 180mm ground clearance at the TVS Raider 125 as opposed to the 160mm on Honda SP125.

TVS Raider 125 vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 in terms of performance
TVS Raider 125 vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 in terms of performance

Overall, if you were to commute daily on both bikes, Raider 125 would make a better commuter with a subtle hint of sportiness. With the better ground clearance, upright seating position, better suspension setup at the rear, and spit-seat setup, TVS Raider 125 seems to be winning the battle.

But what about the features?

You do get a full-digital meter at the Honda SP125, but that’s about it. On the other hand, TVS Raider 125 has been made while keeping in mind the wicked generation. You get a bold LED headlamp at the front, signature LED taillamp, fully digital speedometer with a built-in clock, service indicator, low battery indicator, ride mode indicator, top speed recorder, along with real-time information on the bike range. You also get under-seat storage and idle start/stop with the Raider 125. Honda SP125 is a rather basic commuter when it comes to features.

And now, TVS Raider 125 vs Honda SP125, one final comparison | The Price Comparison!

Honda SP125 with drum brakes at the front comes at a price of Rs. 78,381 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) while the TVS Raider 125 with drum brakes at the front will cost you Rs. 77,500 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). For the disc brake variant of SP125, you will have to spend Rs. 82,677 (Ex-showroom, Delhi) while the same for Raider will come at a cost of Rs. 85,469 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

If I were to give a verdict, TVS has launched a bike that can lead the 125cc segment with ultimate pricing, a load of features, better performance than most, and better ride quality. Honda SP125 is a good motorcycle but restricted in terms of features while costing almost the same.

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