Five Features That The New Skoda Kushaq Misses On

    Features Missing On Skoda Kushaq
    Features Missing On Skoda Kushaq

    The new Skoda Kushaq was recently launched in India to shake things up in the compact SUV market. To keep the pricing aggressive to compete with its rivals, the Kushaq had to cut corners. Here are 5 such features that the Skoda Kushaq misses which might be a dealbreaker for some.

    Features Missing On Skoda Kushaq
    Features Missing On Skoda Kushaq
    1. No Diesel Engine

      Kushaq offering only petrol engines might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. The compact SUV segment is filled with diesel engine options and people prefer those over petrol. Its main rival the Hyundai Creta offers a 1.5L Diesel engine option. The two petrol engines offered by the Kushaq are nothing to scoff at as they are quite powerful. Someone that wants a diesel engine however will not be impressed.

    2. No Rear Disc Brakes

      Having no rear disc brakes is an odd choice made by Skoda. Kushaq having two really strong engines should have been fitted with rear disc brakes. Its rival Hyundai Creta comes equipped with rear disc brakes. Skoda should offer these in a later version if ever released.

    3. No Remote Start

      It’s honestly not that big of a feature to miss but it’s still absent from the Kushaq. Its rival Hyundai Creta offers a remote start through its blue link technology. Remote Start allows a car to reach optimal engine temperature and activate the AC or heater depending on the climate. Missing this feature is a hit to quality of life while driving a Skoda Kushaq.

    4. No Panoramic Sunroof 

      Though a cosmetic feature, Skodas rivals offer a panoramic sunroof while the Kushaq gets a single-pane sunroof. Panoramic sunroofs have a nice market in India and thus almost all cars in this segment offer a panoramic sunroof. The Hyundai Creta also offers a dual-pane panoramic sunroof.

    5. Rear Seat Space

      The compact SUV can seat three people in the back however the person in the middle does not get a lot of legroom. The middle seat has a slight outwards protrusion which results in less legroom. Skoda Kushaq does feature the longest wheelbase of its rivals it is however narrower than them. This results in a bit of an uncomfortable sitting situation if there are three adults in the back.

    Skoda Kushaq might be missing these features, but it still offers many good features that will still let it be a strong competitor in the market. The missing features might get added later on when it gets a facelift or an upgraded model down the line. 

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