Indian Army Day Special: Cars Used By Our Indian Army

    Indian Army Vehicles
    Indian Army Vehicles

    Real heroes don’t wear capes or fly around shooting webs. The real heroes are the ones guarding our nation’s borders 24X7 without any break so that we sleep peacefully at night! Any amount of words would be less to express our gratitude to the prestigious Indian Army, a force that enemies fear, a force that will leave no stones unturned to protect the dignity of our nation. While the internal radicals keep on trying to break the nation, it is our Indian Army that unites us and makes us realize, we are in the right hands! It is well said, warriors are not born, they are made in the Indian Army. Happy Indian Army day! Today, we’ll take a look at 5 new-generation vehicles that our brave army uses to patrol the borders and keep us safe.

    1. Mahindra AXE

      Indian Army Vehicles
      Mahindra AXE | Source: Top Speed India

      Built specially for our special forces, Mahindra AXE is a Light Military Tactical Vehicle designed by Mahindra’s defense manufacturing branch. It has got serious offroading capabilities, enough to put pseudo-off-roaders to shame. AXE comes equipped with a 4.2-liter petrol engine capable of curing out 273ps of power and a peak torque of 373Nm. It also has a diesel engine option which is a 2.7-liter mill producing 172ps of power and a peak torque of 340Nm. You would be amazed to know about the offroading capabilities. It has a 70-degree approach angle and a 45-degree departure angle. Moreover, it gets a gradability of 58%! For your reference, the Thar gets a gradeability of 31% while the Force Gurkha has a gradeability of 35%. Here is a list of fitments that AXE offers:

      • In-built water storage of 90 liters
      • Space for antenna mounts
      • Jerry can brackets
      • Machine gun mount with storage for ammunition
      • Storage for battle kits of the crew
    2. Tata Safari Storme GS800

      Indian Army Vehicles
      Tata Safari Storme GS800

      With capabilities such as bulletproof glasses and run-flat tires, Tata Safari Storme GS800 has been specifically built for the Indian Army. It has a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine which churns out 154ps of power and a peak torque of 400Nm. It has been painted completely in the matte green color and all the chrome parts have been blacked out to reduce the reflection. Other notable changes include a radio antenna at the bonnet, a large hook at the rear for trailer mounting, and jerry-can mounts fitted at the rear fenders. For your knowledge, GS800 stands for General Service 800.

    3. Mahindra Marksman APC

      Indian Army Vehicles
      Mahindra Marksman APC | Source: IndianAuto

      You combine an SUV and a battle tank, what’s the result? A Marksman APC! It is a combat vehicle designed by Mahindra for the Indian Army. APC in the name stands for Army Personnel Carrier. It is designed for usage in border patrolling and riot control. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this APC:

      • It gets two engine options. A 2.6-liter CRDe churns out 114ps of power and a peak torque of 228Nm. Another option is the 2.2-liter CRDe which generated 120ps of power and a peak torque of 280Nm.
      • It gets a Copolla machine gun mount with a 270-degree traverse and protection.
      • Gets protection from small firearms discharge from point-blank range.
      • The compartment gets protection against 5.56X45mm SS09 buckshot.
    4. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

      Indian Army Vehicles
      Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

      How can we not mention the SUV that has been used by the Indian Army for the longest time? Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, even after discontinuation for the civilians, has been built for the Army. Due to its agility, mild offroading capability, high visibility, and an open-top version that allows gun mounting, Gypsy makes a good option for patrolling. Did you know? Gypsy has been in use by the Indian Army since its inception, that is, since 1985!

    5. Royal Enfield Bullet

      Indian Army Vehicles
      Royal Enfield Bullet

      Bullet has been the most prominent bike in the nation, there’s no doubt. And it has been used by the Indian Army for a very long time for commuting. Due to its high altitude capabilities and reliability, Royal Enfield Bullet has been a part of the Army since 1952, when RE gave the army 500 units for border patrolling.

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    These are the few of many vehicles that are being used by the Indian Army. We are really grateful to the Army for whatever they have done for us and what all follows.

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