Mahindra XUV700 And The Plastic Tailgate: No Need To Worry, Others Do It Too!

Mahindra XUV700 Has A Plastic Tailgate!
Mahindra XUV700 Has A Plastic Tailgate!

People have been afraid that Mahindra has reduced the quality and safety standards in order to reduce the overall cost of XUV700. These speculations arise due to the fact that many media houses reported that Mahindra XUV700 has a plastic tailgate. While it is true that it does, it’s not the first time that a carmaker has switched to something other than metal for the tailgate. But, before we take a look at 5 such cars that have a plastic tailgate too, let’s take a look at why the plastic tailgate.

Mahindra XUV700: Why the plastic tailgate?

Should You Worry about the Plastic Tailgate at Mahindra XUV700?
Should You Worry about the Plastic Tailgate at Mahindra XUV700?

We all are accustomed to tailgates made of metal sheets. But Mahindra decided to go a non-conventional way on this one too. The tailgate that actually looks like made from plastic is not made of normal plastic. It is actually a glass-filled plastic that is costlier than the generic metal sheets used. So, the case that Mahindra has done it for cost-cutting is closed and the verdict goes in favor of Mahindra. But why spend extra just to get the heat from buyers? There are a few benefits of the glass-filled plastic tailgate. 

  • Complex designing: With more curves and bends, it gets easier to mold plastic and achieve designs that are not possible with metal. 
  • Durability: Glass-filled plastic is more durable and weather-resistant when compared to metal. 
  • Weight reduction: The most important aspect is the weight reduction that it comes with. This helps the carmakers to achieve better fuel economy as the tailgate is one of the major parts of a car and reducing its weight can help achieve better mileage. 

Now, before you come to any conclusions on whether it will be safe or not, let me tell you, the world’s safest carmaker, Volvo also uses plastic tailgates. Let’s take a look at 4 such cars that use plastic tailgates other than Mahindra XUV700.

  1. Volvo XC60

    Volvo XC60 Tailgate
    Volvo XC60 Tailgate

    The mid-size SUV comes at a cost of around ₹61 lakhs (Ex-showroom) gets a plastic tailgate. It comes as no surprise that Volvo XC60 has scored a rating of 5-stars at the Euro-NCAP. The plastic tailgate at the Volvo XC60 is electrically powered.

  2. Land Rover Evoque

    The gesture controlled Tailgate of Land Rover Evoque
    The gesture-controlled Tailgate of Land Rover Evoque

    The premium compact SUV is known for its premium feel and power-packed performance. It is also known for the 5 stars rating at both Euro-NCAP and ANCAP. You can control the tailgate of the Evoque using gestures. And the Land Rover Evoque comes at a price of around ₹64-65 lakh.

  3. Citroen C5 Aircross

    Citroen C5 Aircross Gets A Plastic Tailgate Too
    Citroen C5 Aircross Gets A Plastic Tailgate Too

    It has not been long since the French carmaker entered India. The first car to be launched was the C5 Aircross SUV. It has one of the best comfort features and refined performance in the segment. What it also gets is the plastic tailgate. You will have to spend around 30 lakhs to get one. This SUV has been able to score a 4-star rating at the Euro-NCAP.

  4. Jaguar F-Pace

    Jaguar F-Pace Tailgate
    Jaguar F-Pace Tailgate

    The luxury performance SUV will burn a hole of ₹69.99 lakhs in your pocket. The feature-packed SUV also comes with a plastic tailgate that is electrically powered and can be opened or closed with gestures. The F-Pace has scored a rating of 5 stars at the Euro-NCAP.

So, now we know that cars with plastic tailgates do not mean cost-cutting. But there is one disadvantage of having a plastic tailgate in your car. Unlike the metal tailgate, the plastic tailgate cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced in case of damage. The metal ones, on the other hand, can be reshaped. But, that is only the disadvantage that you will come across. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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