Toyota Hilux EV to launch in 2025 | Fortuner EV Next in Line?


Well, to some, this might sound a bit odd, but yes, Japanese carmaker Toyota is all set to introduce a more electric version of the already electrified and dashing Toyota Hilux. This premium segment pick-up has been the talk of the town since its launch. Some have already predicted the Hilux to be the segment leader and to have brought back the era of big-bold cars in India.

Hilux EV front
Hilux EV front | Credits- RUSHLANE

Before the Hilux, it was only Isuzu with its D-MAX series that dominated the private pickup segment, and just like others, Isuzu took advantage of its sole dominance and offered few to no features on the D-MAX series. The pick-up segment has always been for a niche and for people who wish to stand out.

Toyota Hilux EV Interior | Credits- RUSHLANE
toyota-hilux-electric-fortuner-launch-2025-8Toyota Hilux EV Interior | Credits- RUSHLANE

The Hilux not only offers exclusivity but also comes packed with a ton of features that the competitors can only imagine, and since its launch, it has been shining bright like a diamond. Now, looking at its popularity and adding a product to its EV portfolio, Toyota has decided to launch the electric version of the Hilux, which is highly likely to retain the same name, the Toyota Hilux EV.

So, without waiting any more time, let’s see what we get to see on the brand-new and electrified Toyota Hilux EV.

Toyota Hilux EV
Toyota Hilux EV | Credits RUSHLANE
  • The all-new Hilux EV is expected to come with a cumulative range of 200km on a single charge.
  • It is expected to be based on the facelifted version of its ICE-based cousin.
  • We can also expect to see some first-in-segment features like Level-2- 2 ADAS, new offroad features, and an ultra-fast charger.
  • Leading media reports also suggest that Toyota is also working on introducing the Fortuner EV as part of the SaveEarth movement, promoting sustainable and renewable technology.

What are your thoughts on the Toyota Hilux EV? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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