BS6 Phase 2: Is The Industry Prepared For It? | Vehicle Costs To Increase!

BS6 Phase 2
BS6 Phase 2

Indian automotive industry has been on the knees for the past 2-3 years, be it the new emission norms kicking in or the Covid induced lockdowns. And now, the next year can be tough too as phase 2 of BS6 norms is going to be implemented. What’s new? And how can it affect the industry? Let’s find out. 

BS6 Phase 2 Emission Norms | What’s new?

Programmed FI
Programmed FI

Post the implementation of phase 2, all the petrol engine vehicles will be required to have programmed fuel injection. In the first phase, the carburettors have been replaced with electronic fuel injection. The programmed FI will enhance the fuel delivery even better as it controls the timing and amount of fuel injected on the basis of input from various sensors.

The second most important part in this phase 2 is the CAFE norms for EVs and hybrids. The IC engines will not be able to meet the CAFE 2022 norms for sure, thus automakers will have to switch to hybrid or EVs eventually.

What will be the effect?

In short, the prices of vehicles will go up. By how much, this question cannot be answered as of now. But yes, the overall ownership cost will increase. Due to covid, the semiconductor prices are already seeing a rise. And with more technology being added, the prices are going to see a rise for sure.

When will the BS6 Phase 2 come into effect?

We can expect the second phase to kick in around 2022-23. This means that automakers have a strict deadline to meet. The transition from BS4 to BS6 was tough. But we can expect the transition from phase 1 to phase 2 to be less brutal on the automobile industry. We can also expect electric vehicles to boom. Rest, the time will tell!

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