7 Ways To Increase The Mileage Of Your Car: Fuel Saving Hacks!

How To Get Best Fuel Mileage From Your Car
How To Get Best Fuel Mileage From Your Car

Fuel prices are increasing day by day. They have already crossed ₹100 in some parts of our country. Does that mean you need to stop driving your car? Or will you have to switch to an alternative fuel right away? No, you can still get the best out of the money you spend on the fuel for your car. Here are some tips to increase the mileage of your car so that you don’t have to worry about price hikes. Let’s start enhancing.

How To Get Best Fuel Mileage From Your Car
How To Get Best Fuel Mileage From Your Car
  1. Keep your car’s windows shut

    This is a simple myth that if you open up your car’s windows and turn off the AC, it will help you save on fuel. The reality is often disappointing, especially for such myths. If you are driving at low speeds, opening your car windows might make sense. But when you are cruising at high speeds, let’s say over 50kmpl, you should roll up the windows and use the AC instead. This has a direct relation to the aerodynamics of your car. Open windows increase drag thus increasing fuel consumption.

  2. Switch off the ignition if idling

    If you have to wait for more than 45 seconds, switch off the engine. Nowadays, many cars have an idle start-stop feature but if your car doesn’t have one, you should switch off the engine. This will help you prevent excessive fuel consumption while the car is idling. Also, don’t forget to turn off the AC along with the ignition. Otherwise, when you have to start your car back, AC will put an excessive load on the engine.

  3. Maintain a proper service record

    Some people try to save money by not getting their cars serviced on time. That may look like you have saved something, but in actuality, you end up spending more due to this habit. Your fuel efficiency depends on the condition of your engine and a well-serviced car will surely be in better condition. Also, this will help you get a better price for your car if you plan to sell it in future. Don’t go to any local garage for service which has no credibility. Instead, go for car service aggregators such as Pitstop which have a proper record and trained technicians working on your car.

  4. Maintain proper tyre pressure

    All the companies suggest a certain tyre pressure for the cars that you drive. Want to know the exact numbers? Go and check the manual that comes with your car. Always maintain the said pressure in the tyres. This will enhance the fuel mileage of your car for sure.

  5. Shift gears properly

    If you have an automatic car, then this point won’t be of any use to you. But if you have a manual car, don’t redline your car’s engine and then change the gears. It is always advisable to shift your car’s gears at around 1500-1600rpm for the best mileage.

  6. Don’t use AC when the engine is cold

    Ya, I told you to roll up the windows and use the AC in the beginning. But there’s a catch. Do not, and I repeat, do not switch on the AC as soon as you start your car in the morning or after a long time of no use. The engine is cold and will take some time to get up to an optimum temperature. If you crank up the AC to beat the heat, it will put a good amount of load on the engine, which means more fuel consumption.

  7. Plan your trips!

    Now, this is a no brainer. But still, you should always plan your trips. If you have 2-3 short trips that can be completed in one, it would be good for your car’s mileage. Also, use digital help such as Google Maps in order to get the shortest possible distance and avoid traffic.

And that is how you can save a good amount of money and fuel by increasing the mileage of your car. Do you have any other tips? Do share in the comments section below.


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