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Is Toyota Working On A WagonR? A Rebadged Maruti Suzuki XL5!?!

Toyota WagonR In Works!!

Toyota WagonR In Works!!

Yes, that is the question that will pop up when one sees the spy video by MRD Cars on their youtube channel. According to the video, Maruti Suzuki XL5 or one can say, the suited WagonR has been spied, wait for it, with a Toyota badging. Does that mean Toyota is working on a rebadged XL5 or WagonR? Let’s find out.

What is new with this Toyota/Maruti Suzuki WagonR?

Toyota WagonR Rear Profile

Let’s start with the rear first. As you can see, it gets an all-new rear profile with LED taillamps and a redesigned bumper. It does get an underpinning from the current WagonR but with an all-new look.

Toyota WagonR Front Profile

Coming to the front, you’ll see a major change in the front fascia. It is similar to the Maruti Suzuki XL% or the Maruti Suzuki electric WagonR which is being tested for a very long time now. The person in the video does confirm that the Toyota WagonR sounds as if powered by an engine, so this one’s not electric.

Wheels with Toyota Badging

At the side, you’ll see alloy wheels which are currently seen on the Maruti Suzuki Ignis. You will notice that these wheels are bigger than the current version of WagonR. It is because the wheels are now 15″ instead of the current 14″. We can expect WagonR to be based on the Heartect platform too.

Engine Options

We can expect Toyota WagonR (If it’s launched!) to share the same engines like that of the current WagonR. These are the K10 1.0-litre and K12 1.2-litre engines. As for the transmission, it might get the manual as well as the AMT option. But Toyota might only offer the 1.2-litre K12 engine.

So, what do you think? Are Maruti Suzuki and Toyota collaboration fruitful for both companies? And do you want another rebadged Maruti under Toyota branding? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, what can be the name for this new car under Toyota? Maybe BagonR? Well, that only time can tell!

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