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Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350: The Battle of Classics!

Yezdi is back! After three long decades, a company that introduced our dads to thrill is now back with three new motorcycles. The Yezdi Roadster is going to have Royal Enfield Meteor 350 as its arch-nemesis. So, does it have what it takes to beat the Meteor? Let’s put Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and find out, which one’s better.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350 | Powertrain Comparison

Powertrain Comparison

Even though Yezdi has a negligibly smaller engine, it beats the Meteor 350 in terms of power by a huge margin of over 9ps. Moreover, Roadster’s 334cc engine provides 2Nm extra torque as compared to the Meteor 350. And, not to forget, Yezdi also offers extra gear to ease out things for the engine. You also get a slip-and-assist clutch with the Yezdi, which Meteor misses out on. So, overall, in the powertrain comparison, Yezd emerges out as a winner.

Dimensions comparison

Dimensions comparison

Yezdi Roadster sits higher than the RE Meteor 350 in terms of seat height. This will make it less comfortable for the short riders. Meteor also offers a bigger fuel tank. Roadster does have a 5mm extra ground clearance, but overall, Meteor seems to be a better option here.

Design and Features: Which of the cruisers offer a notch above the other?

First of all the design. Now, Yezdi Roadster seems to have taken a lot of design cues from the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. But, some design elements such as a small tinted visor as standard, chopped fender, and so on, give the Roadster a sportier look.

On the other hand, Meteor 350 has a more cruiser-like feel to it with its taller handlebar and front-set footpegs, while the Roadster has mid-set footpegs. The Roadster comes with the pillion backrest as standard while Meteor’s some variants have it on the offer.

Now, coming to the features, Roadster offers an LED headlight, a negative display instrument cluster, and dual-channel ABS. The Meteor 350 has no LEDs whatsoever, the basic part-digital cluster does the job, but the Tripper navigation pod gives it an upper hand here.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350 | Tyres, Suspension, and Brakes Comparison

Yezdi Roadster gets a 320mm disc at the front and a 240mm disc at the back, both with a floating caliper. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 comes with a 300mm disc at the front and a 270mm disc at the rear, again, both with a floating caliper.

As for the tyres, the Roadster has 100/90 18″ at the front and 130/80 17″ tubeless tyres at the rear. The Meteor 350 gets 100/90 19″ at the front while a 140/70 17″ at the rear.

Suspension duties are done by telescopic fork and coil spring at the front and twin shock with gas at the rear at the Roadster as well as the Meteor 350.

Roadster vs Meteor | Price Comparison

Now, it all comes down to this, the price comparison. The Yezdi Roadster comes at a base price of Rs. 1,98,142 while the top model will cost you Rs. 2,06,142. (Ex-showroom prices). As for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, the base spec one will cost you Rs. 2,01,000 while the top-spec will cost you around Rs. 2,18,000 (Ex-showroom prices). So, Yezdi Roadster does make sense, if you’re going for the top-spec. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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